Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tufties, Stamp Sale and Violet Lane - Jackie

First of all a little reminder that there are some really really good deals currently on ebay, click the link below to have a look.  I just didn't want you to miss out.
 click here

Also have you seen the Violet Lane items on ebay yet?
Click on the text link below.

There is actually lots more to see of the Violet Lane range on Facebook.
If you do visit the Violet Lane Facebook page don't forget to click the 'Like' button.  Thank you.
I have three of the buttons and it's currently work in progress, I'll post a picture when they are finished.  I'm really pleased with them even at this stage of the project.

Finally, on to the cards.
Two cards here using the 'Tufties in Love' stamp set ref: NC026, really sweet sets these.  Visit my blog for details about each card.
For these sets or any other stamps visit our website

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