Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scroll Patterned Heart – Janette

This ‘Scroll Patterned Heart’ (ref: 0605031a) stamp is proving very popular at the moment and it’s still in the SALE section of the website, why not have a look ….here.  For this card Janette also used the ‘Jazzy Pattern’ stamp ref: 0604077a and the ‘Grand Word Perfect’ stamp set ref: 1803161a.

Jubilee Stamps – Dot

The jubilee weekend is nearly here, already, so I wanted to share a couple of cards Dot has made using the jubilee stamps.  Dot has used the:
‘Crown Jubilee’ ref: 1807004a
‘Diamonds’ ref: 0401013a
‘Bunting’ ref: 1808019a
‘Union Jack Jubilee’ ref: 1807004a
‘Plain Alphabet with Words’ ref: 2400050a
Lowercase Plain Alpha with Letter Frames’ ref: 2400060a
Hope you all have a great weekend J

Occasional Orchid – Sue

Sue has been making some more bunting, but this time she has used ‘The Occasional Orchid’ ref: 2400066a.  Sue has used the ‘Plain Alphabet with Words’ ref: 2400050a as well as the ‘Crown Jubilee’ ref: 1807005a.  The bunting does look really effective hanging across the unit.

Thanks for looking J

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Project Club - May Video on YouTube

Our first project club video is now available on YouTube.
Would you like to join the project club?  Visit our website for more details

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diamonds – Sue

Sue has had some really creative ideas with the ‘Diamonds’ stamps reference number 0401013a.
On this first card Sue has used the large diamond to make a ruby wedding invitation, she has also used the ‘Wedding Invitation’ stamp (ref: 0403014a) and the ‘Alphabet 2’ set of stamps (ref: 1801004a).
For this card Sue has cut the large diamond and made it into a tepee, the little flaps at the front actually open.  She has also used the ‘Bunting’ stamp reference number 1808019a.
And finally this card, if you look closely you can see Sue has used the diamond on acetate and made it into the dish.  Take another look, the strawberries are actually the petals from ‘The Occasional Orchid’ set of stamps, reference number 2400066a, this is very clever Sue.  The cream on top I recognize from an old ice cream themed project club stamps set.  Sue has also used the ‘Krystal Tips Upper and Lower Alpha’ reference number 2400012a.
To see how Sue made these cards visit her blog

Enchanted – Janette

Janette has used the ‘Enchanted’ stamp set for this card, reference number 2400057a.
The inside of the card has just as much detail.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rosette Flower - Jackie

This card uses the ‘Rozette 11’ stamp reference number 0607027a and the ‘Word Perfect’ stamp set, if you would like to know how I made it visit my blog ….here

A touch of ….. Summer – Dot

Dot has made this card using the rose from the ‘A Touch of …. Summer’ stamp set (ref: 0701087a), she has also used one of the stamps from the ‘Garden Flourish’ set of stamps (ref: 0701068a) for the butterflies.

The Occasional Orchid – Rita

These two beautiful cards were made by Rita, she has used ‘The Occasional Orchid’ set of stamps, reference number 2400066a. 
We have had several questions about the background on this card, it is an embossing folder from Stampin’ Up!

Scroll Patterned Heart – Dawn

Hello everyone, I’d like to share with you a couple of cards by Dawn.  Same heart stamp but don’t they look different, a versatile stamp indeed.  This kraft card makes the coloured hearts stand out really well.
On this card Dawn has used the ‘Jazzy Pattern’ stamp (ref: 0604077a) as well as the heart.
The ‘Scrolled Patterned Heart’ stamp is reference number 0605031a.
To see how Dawn made these cards visit her blog

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cardiff City Stadium Craft & Hobby Show

We are at Cardiff tomorrow and Saturday so if you’re about call in and say
hello to Roy and Cheryl.
Opening times are:
Friday 25th May 2012 … 9.30am – 5pm
Saturday 26th May 2012 … 9am – 5.30pm
For more information visit Cardiff City Stadium

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jubilee stamps – Jackie

This is the card I made for the jubilee, I can’t believe it’s nearly here already, where has this year gone, before we blink the Olympics will be starting. 
The I used are: 
Postage Stamps’ (ref: 1808011a)
‘Crown Jubilee’ 1807004a
‘Union Jack Jubilee’ ref: 1807005a
‘Bunting’ ref: 1808019a
‘Grand Word Perfect’ ref: 1803161a

To see more details on how I made this card visit her blog …

Jubilee stamps – Rita

This lovely card was made by Rita, it did give her a bit of a headache at the time of making it, she said it wasn’t going right and she had to keep changing little bits and pieces, but it did turn out really, really well. 
The stamps Rita has used for this card are:
‘Crown Jubilee’ 1807004a
‘Union Jack Jubilee’ ref: 1807005a
‘Bunting’ ref: 1808019a
‘Coach & Horses’ ref: 1805027a
‘Grand Word Perfect’ ref: 1803161a

Jubilee stamps – Sue

Another look at the bunting this time on Sue’s table, a lot of work has gone into that Sue, love it.
Sue has also made a gift bag using the same stamps.
Just a reminder of the stamps Sue has used for the bunting and the gift bag:
‘Plain Alphabet’ ref: 2400050a
‘Diamonds’ ref: 0401013a
‘Crown Jubilee’ 1807004a
‘Union Jack Jubilee’ ref: 1807005a
‘Bunting’ ref: 1808019a
To see more details on how Sue made these, visit her blog …

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bunting - Sue

Hello everyone, just wanted to share these pictures with you today, I was at the shop this afternoon and couldn't resist taking them.  The bunting was made by Sue out of fabric, doesn’t it look really effective.  Sue has used the ‘Plain Alphabet’ ref: 2400050a, the ‘Diamonds’ ref: 0401013a and the ‘Crown Jubilee’ ref: 1807004a.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Daisy Spray – Janette

Janette also made a card using the ‘Daisy Spray’ stamp, ref: 0701089a, she has also used the ‘Word Perfect’ stamp set ref: 1803160a for the sentiment and ‘Script’ stamp for the background, ref: 0604043a.

Daisy Spray – Dawn

Dawn has made a couple of cards using our ‘Daisy Spray’ stamp, reference number 0701089a, love the colours you chose Dawn, really effective, just shows what a difference a change of colour actually makes.  Dawn has also used the ‘Circular Sentiment …. Happy Birthday’ stamp reference number 1803161a.
Thank you Dawn J

Petal Passion – Rita

A couple of lovely cards from Rita using the ‘Petal Passion’ stamp set reference number 2400065a.  In this first card Rita has also used the ‘Grand Word Perfect’ reference number 1803161a.  I like the way you have reversed the flower Rita looks really effective, almost water lily’ish.
The second card from Rita used the ‘Daisy Peek-a-Boo’ stamp reference number 2000035a as well as the ‘Grand Word Perfect’ and the ‘Petal Passion’ stamp sets.
Thank you Rita J

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Occasional Orchid - Sue

Last post for today, some more beautiful cards using ‘The Occasional Orchid’ stamp ref: 2400066a, this time made by Sue.
Love the colours you've used Sue, striking, they really stand out J

The Occasional Orchid - Janette

More of the ‘The Occasional Orchid’ stamp set ref: 2400066a this time these cards were made by Janette.
Lovely cards Janette J

The Occasional Orchid - Dot

Just catching up on some posts, so I thought you’d like to see some more of the beautiful design team cards.  These cards were made by Dot, she has used ‘The Occasional Orchid’ stamp set ref: 2400066a.

Lovely cards Dot, thank you J

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birdcage video on YouTube

In this video Roy is using the 'Pretty Antiquity' stamp set reference number 2400064a for this birdcage card, but you an now buy the 'Birdcage' part of the set separate, reference number 2400068a.
This is the card that Roy made.
Thanks for looking J

Monday, May 14, 2012

Project Club - May 2012

This month's project club cards have been made by Jackie. Below each card you will find a link to Jackie's blog where you will find details on how she made the cards.
If you would like to join our project club visit our website **here** for more information.

Hope you enjoy your project club stamps this month. We have had a couple of requests for future project club issues, if there is anything that you would like to suggest why not drop us an email at

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ross Papercraft Show this Sunday

Busy weekend because we are also at the Ross Papercraft show.
Visit their website for more information:

Have a good weekend everyone J

Happy Stampers North West - Saturday

Just a reminder, we are at Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, Wirral this Saturday for the rubber stamping festival.  If you're in the area call in and say 'hello' to Roy.
For more information visit their website

Class Card - May 2012

I really enjoyed this month's workshop, this is the card we made.  The brick wall in the middle and the lover's sat on the wall were this month's free stamps.
I will be posting the project club photos over the weekend, so keep an eye out for those.  Hope you enjoyed the class ladies, it was nice catching up with old friends and new.  J

Luscious Lily - Jackie

Just sorting through some photo's and came across this one.  It was published in Issue 94 of the Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine back in February, that actually seems like ages ago now.  I didn't post a photo at the time so here it is.
I will be putting some more photos on here over the weekend, the design team have been very busy, lots of really lovely cards.