Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seasons around the Corner - Kym

Three cards here from Kym using the 'Seasons around the Corner' stamp set ref: 2400071a, ... here is a link to Kym's blog for more details about these cards.
Kym also used the 'Grand Word Perfect' set ref: 1803161a on this Larkspur card.
For this butterfly card Kym used the:
'Butterfly 3' stamp ref: 805037b
'Circular Sentiment ... Happy birthday' stamp
and the large flower head from the 'Petal Passion' stamp set ref:2400065a


  1. Please make a video showing us how to create the backgrounds as i am sure i have not seen any stamps like these on your website, they are so lovely

  2. Hi Bon

    If you have a look on the website you will see the 'Seasons around the Corner' stamp set, it's in the Calendar section. You can also put the product number (2400071a) in the search box at the top of the website and it will give you three finds, click on any of those and you'll see the stamps.

    The stamps are 12 corners with different patterns on each, as you can see from Kym's cards once they are joined they do make a lovely background.

    Just pick a corner and stamp a row of them, then turn the stamp around and stamp again just above or below your last row to make the next row and so on until your background card is full.

    Hope this helps, regards Jackie :)