Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Journal – Kym

This journal is just brilliant, it took Kym about a week to make and I just love it.  Kym has used various stamps so I will list them out page by page, but overall she has used the ‘Forever Floral’ stamp set ref: 2400061a and the ‘It’s a Date Calendar Set’ ref: 2400070a.  For the front cover and the inside of the front cover Kym has used the ‘Alphabet 4’ stamps (ref: 1801006a) which is the uppercase and the ‘Alphabet 3’ stamps (ref: 1801005a) and that is the lowercase stamps.  Look out for links to Kym’s blog, she has posted lots more details on how to make this journal.

In the background on the right Kym has used the 'Time Flourish' stamp ref: 0605039a
The little butterfly stamp used on this page is ref: 0805027a
The 'Floral Butterfly' has been used on this page ref: 0805038a
Kym has used the 'Vintage Fluttering Flourishes' for the July butterfly ref: 2400063a
For August Kym has used the 'Postcard' stamp ref: 1808010a
The house on this page is from the October Project Club and is called 'Seasonal House' ref: 1402037a
The bricks on the calendar and the  moon and bat on this page is from the 'Seasonal House' stamp set, the 'Halloween' stamp from the 'A Touch of ... Autumn' stamp set ref: 0701085a was used for the sentiment and the little 'Spiders Web' stamp is ref: 0805032a
The 'Time Flourish' has been used on this page ref: 0605039a
the house on this page is from the 'Wordflake Project' stamp set ref: 2300050a
Kym has also used the 'Grand Word Perfect' ref: 1803161a for the text in the grid.
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