Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seasons around the Corner – Dawn

I wanted to show all the pages in Dawns calendar, all that work, love the colours as well.  I will add all the stamps Dawn has used but overall the ‘Seasons and Months around the Corner’ stamp set has been used and the reference number for that is 2400072a. The corners can been purchased separately and the reference number is 2400071a, you can also get the calendar stamps on their own as well, 2400070a and the name of the set is ‘It’s a Date Calendar Set’.  Each of the pages of the calendar have a vertical month name and they are from the ‘Forever Floral’ stamp set reference number 2400061a.

So the first three.  The other stamps Dawn has used are:
January – snowflakes from ‘A Christmas Star’ 2400069a
February – winter text from ‘A Touch of … Winter’ 0701086a
March –background from ‘Forever Floral’ 2400061a
April –background from ‘Champagne Flourish’ 1403025a
May & June – backgrounds from ‘Forever Floral’ 2400061a
July & September – backgrounds from ‘Forever Floral’ 2400061a
October & December – backgrounds from ‘Forever Floral’ 2400061a
November – background from ‘Champagne Flourish’ 1403025a
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