Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Club - September 2012

This month's project club cards have been made by me Jackie.  I have added some links to my blog where you can find more details on how I made them.
If you would like to join our project club visit our website **here** for more information.

This is the main card this month and the link is ...here
I thought I'd do a scrapbook page this month, I have not done one in a while.  For the text I used the 'Alphabet 7' set of stamps reference number 1801009a.
A Quick and easy card using the Kraft card
For this card I used the 'Jazzy Prezzie' stamp reference number 0502048a
Don't you just love shrink plastic 
I decided to make a fish tank and used the sand to make this shaker tank, it could be attached to some card to make an easel card but I just wanted the tank for this project.  I used the 'Fairy Palace' stamp for the castle reference number 1001006a, well you can't have a fish tank without a castle J
Hope you enjoy your stamps 

Jackie J

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