Friday, July 20, 2012

Petal Passion – Kym

Kym has made these poinsettias out of the ‘Petal Passion’ stamp set, reference number 2400065a, she has also used the ‘Grand Word Perfect’ ref: 1803062a for the sentiment.


  1. I love this, may have to have a look at the website, too be honest I use to buy from you a lot from your website and the shows when I use to work in a craft shop, then life took hold and forgot about you. shame on me, Now about to open a craft/gift shop don't suppose you do trade? lol

    1. Hi Sue and welcome back lol. To be honest I don't know about trade stuff but if you do want to enquire then please email Faye ( and she will be able to ask all your questions.

      Regards Jackie